Jake + Dean is a product line of authentic and original coasters, cards, and collectibles that celebrate the relationship between the past, present, and future.

From Hank Aaron to Wonder Woman to Woodstock, join Jake + Dean in the delight of revisiting our past.

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Opening the Tear & Share packs brought me right back to my childhood. I’m buying a box to share with my employees.


Project Jake + Dean is amazing. Watching kids in my 7th grade social studies class open a pack and laugh and share. That’s just a good thing.


I gave my Dad a set of coasters for his birthday. He can’t stop talking about them.


I went to WOODSTOCK! I can’t believe I now have a part of the real ticket. Thank you. You guys are amazing.


Jake and Dean are the real thing. They really believe in bringing fun and joy into everyone’s life.


Project Jake + Dean Gives Back

Project Jake + Dean exists to bring joy to others through gifting tear and share packs with local hospitals, first responders and others.

“Our greatest glory is not in falling. But rising every time we fall.” Rocky Balboa .
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“You’re cruisin’ for a bruisin’?” - Kenickie. Original, authentic #greasemovie trading card coasters in stock. Got a favorite Grease quote? #tradingcards #itsabouttime #nostalgia ...

Thunderous thank you to @mojobreak_com for being the Break O.G.’s. Really appreciate you guys. Jake + Dean coasters...it’s the least we could do. #cardbreaks ...

When the guy who played Jason in Friday The 13th movies ask what Jake + Dean is all about, you tell him. Then make sure you lock your doors. Great to meet @kanehodderkills . Don’t hurt us. #fridaythe13th #horrormovies #nostalgia #itsabouttimegais ...

Blue Ridge Mountains, Shenandoah River...Jake + Dean. Leaving’ the #thegogos for you #westvirginia . Pennsylvania, you ready for the Jake + experience Dean. #itsabouttime ...

Stage One of Tour De Jake + Dean...6am, Richmond. Nothing stands between us between here + Chicago, except 10 states. I see you West Virginia. #roadtrip ...