Yogi Berra Coaster


Yogi Berra Coaster

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Fun Facts About Yogi Berra

  1. Lawrence Peter “Yogi” Berra was an American professional baseball catcher, manager and coach who spent most of his 19-year career as a player with the New York Yankees.
  2. He was born on May 12th 1925 in St.Louis, Missouri and started out playing semi-professional baseball since age 15; joining minor league affiliates during 1940s before being signed by New York at 21 years old 1948 – beginning one more successful chapters baseball history!
  3. Despite not having any skills above average level & dealing with situation off field that could have derailed career (Berra had four children support), he soon found way become one best catchers game ever seen winning three MVP’s during his time alongside an incredible 10 World Series rings making him most decorated players all time!
  4. Besides these Major Championships also played himself into numerous records books leading AL home runs 1951 , RBIs 1954 having record number catches 17 seasons! His batting abilities were so desirable that lead two different teams select him 30th round 1964 & 1965 drafts respectively ignoring fact he had been retired seven years prior to those selections!
  5. It wasn’t until late 1950s when real recognition began come around through becoming first Yankee honored longstanding tradition Monument Park which was built honor player accomplishments; this special event spoke volumes about impact Berra had not only over his own franchise but sport as whole…
  6. After retiring from playing side diamond 1969 following three season stint Houston Astros, Yogi moved onto managerial duties within same team later guiding Home Town proudly wear Yankee pinstripes during late 1970s . This decision helped restore some harmony between two sides after bitter divorce earlier decade ultimately led club its 22nd Championship 1980 !
  7. It is undeniable influence Berra had over modern sports; from quotes now iconic status phraseology amongst fans & players alike, to unquestioned loyalty towards winning franchises like New York . Mr Lawrence Peter left mark history what it is today & for that we should all be eternally grateful…

Coasters are an ideal home décor accent, crafted with attention to detail and quality. Each coaster boasts an authentic card hand-mounted onto the high-quality ceramic tile measuring 4.25 x4.25 inches in size and 0.25 inches thick. With careful selection of each card by Jake and Dean, the beauty and character is sure to impress! The tiles are then sealed with a bio-based resin for unbeatable protection, while the natural cork backing gives it that finished touch and makes it easy to showcase anywhere.


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