Tommy John Coaster


Tommy John Coaster

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Fun Facts About Tommy John

  1. Tommy John was an American left-handed pitcher who played for the Cleveland Indians, Chicago White Sox, Los Angeles Dodgers, New York Yankees and California Angels from 1963 to 1989.
  2. He had a career total of 288 wins and 231 losses with an ERA of 3.34 in 4 703 innings pitched.
  3. He was best known for being the first pitcher to ever undergo the revolutionary ‘Tommy John Surgery’ in 1974 which allowed him to return to professional baseball after suffering serious elbow injury; setting foundation countless other surgeries performed since then not only baseball but across entire sporting world!
  4. In addition successes on field, Tommy also made huge impact off it too; becoming first ever Baseball Association President 1990 which allowed players fight against tough labor practices implemented by owners at time… something would slowly bubble over course years until eventually culminating current multi-billion dollar contracts seen today!
  5. As if wasn’t enough, also partaked broadcasting duties from 1999-2001 as color commentator YES Network popularizing saying “Lets go get some ice cream” . This phrase has been adopted by many fans taken catchy form during home games since that time!
  6. Despite all these accolades, humble origins city Terre Haute Indiana remain untouched; born September 15th 1943 – his mother raised eight children single income while father worked construction job make ends meet ! This shows incredible resiliency early age which provided platform propel future achievements same never forgot origin story!
  7. In conclusion , amazing figure one most recognizable names sports history thanks accomplishments both professionally personally within wonderful game baseball… household name generation come will undoubtedly be remembered forever!

Coasters are an ideal home décor accent, crafted with attention to detail and quality. Each coaster boasts an authentic card hand-mounted onto the high-quality ceramic tile measuring 4.25 x4.25 inches in size and 0.25 inches thick. With careful selection of each card by Jake and Dean, the beauty and character is sure to impress! The tiles are then sealed with a bio-based resin for unbeatable protection, while the natural cork backing gives it that finished touch and makes it easy to showcase anywhere.


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