Roger Maris Coaster


Roger Maris Coaster

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Fun Facts About Roger Maris

  1. Roger Maris was an American professional baseball player who played for 18 seasons in the Major League Baseball (MLB).
  2. He is best known for his 1961 season, in which he broke Babe Ruth’s single-season home run record by hitting 61 home runs.
  3. Maris was born on September 10, 1934 in Hibbing, Minnesota and received his education at Shattuck Military Academy & Woodrow Wilson High School in Fargo, North Dakota.
  4. In 1958 he became a member of the Cleveland Indians before joining New York Yankees in 1960 – where he enjoyed the most success of his career by winning two world series championships alongside Mickey Mantle and Yogi Berra.
  5. Maris was voted MVP for his historic 61-homerun season in ’61 and also led the league with a .620 slugging percentage that year; furthermore, he won the RBI title with 142 runs batted in.
  6. Despite his impressive accomplishments, Maris ran into problems from fans due to breaking Ruth’s record – as some claimed only traditional methods should be used for such achievements – thus leading him to become somewhat of an outcast in public life during his peak years.
  7. He also held three other records over the course of his career: Most Games Played During A Season (162), Most Home Runs During A Season By An American League Player (61), and Highest Slugging Percentage For An AL Right Handed Hitter (.620).
  8. After retiring from baseball in 1968, Maris returned to Missouri – where attended college at University of Missouri–Kansas City to pursue a Bachelor’s degree in Physical Education Teacher Education before moving back to Florida later on down the line where he worked as an insurance executive until passing away at age 51 due to lymphatic cancer on December 14th1985 at Gainesville Florida hospital

Coasters are an ideal home décor accent, crafted with attention to detail and quality. Each coaster boasts an authentic card hand-mounted onto the high-quality ceramic tile measuring 4.25 x4.25 inches in size and 0.25 inches thick. With careful selection of each card by Jake and Dean, the beauty and character is sure to impress! The tiles are then sealed with a bio-based resin for unbeatable protection, while the natural cork backing gives it that finished touch and makes it easy to showcase anywhere.


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