Payne Stewart Coaster


Payne Stewart Ceramic Tile Coaster

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Payne Stewart was an American professional golfer and one of the most successful players on the PGA Tour. Here are five fun facts about his personal life:

  1. He was born in Springfield, Missouri and started playing golf at the age of six – following his father’s footsteps as a local sports enthusiast.
  2. Throughout his career he won eleven PGA Tour events and three Champions Tour events.
  3. Payne was renowned for his unique style which has been described as “some of the most iconic ever seen in men’s golf”.
  4. Away from the course, Payne enjoyed hunting, fishing and collecting old watches!
  5. He also was actively involved with several charities such as The Payne Stewart Foundation which works to support developmental programs for children around the world.

Coasters are created with care and precision, featuring authentic cards that are hand-mounted onto high-quality ceramic tiles measuring just over 4×4 inches and .25 inches thick. The card that adorns your coaster is carefully chosen by Jake and Dean, although it may not always be the card pictured. The surface of the tile is then sealed with a bio-based resin for protection and finished off with a natural cork backing.



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