Babe Ruth Coaster


Babe Ruth Coaster

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Fun Facts About Babe Ruth

  1. Babe Ruth was an American professional baseball player who played 22 seasons in MLB for three teams: the Boston Red Sox (1914–1917), the New York Yankees (1920–1934) and Boston Braves (1935).
  2. He is regarded as one of the greatest players of all-time , batting .342 lifetime with 714 home runs – which remained record until broken by Hank Aaron 1974- winning four World Series championships, twelve All-Star appearances and two MVP Awards ( 1923 , 1924 ).
  3. Nicknamed “The Bambino” & “The Sultan Of Swat”, he took baseball world storm 1920 when he batted .376 hit 54 home runs whopping slugging percentage of .847 leading Yankees first ever championship!
  4. Off field , he was known for his larger than life personality often times injecting humor showing fan friendly demeanor… which fans certainly appreciated showing respect & admiration towards him throughout career !
  5. After retiring from baseball 1948 , his legacy lived on being inducted into Hall Fame 1936 first ballot … furthermore remaining respected household name many decades afterwards further demonstrating impact left behind!
  6. To sum up , there’s no denying greatness possessed by Babe Ruth ; a legendary figure still admired even today—not only through words & appreciation but also deeds, an individual we should look up to set example others follow!

Coasters are an ideal home décor accent, crafted with attention to detail and quality. Each coaster boasts an authentic card hand-mounted onto the high-quality ceramic tile measuring 4.25 x4.25 inches in size and 0.25 inches thick. The card may not always be the one pictured, as it depends on the current inventory.  However each card is carefully curated by Jake and Dean and the beauty and character is sure to impress! The tiles are then sealed with a bio-based resin for unbeatable protection, while the natural cork backing gives it that finished touch and makes it easy to showcase anywhere.


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