NFL Playoff Quarterbacks – From Coasters To Life

“I’m a quarterback. I don’t need to score the touchdown. I just need to spot the pass.” – Trevor Noah

One thing is for sure – every team needs a quarterback, in life and in football. Jake + Dean are celebrating both by featuring limited edition authentic trading card coasters of the quarterbacks who led their team to the 2021-2022 NFL Playoffs. Follow the link,, to see the entire selection: Patrick Mahones (Kansas City Chiefs), Tom Brady (Tampa Bay Buccaneers), Dak Prescott (Dallas Cowboys), Aaron Rogers (Green Bay Packers), Joe Burrows (Cincinnati Bengals), Josh Allen (Buffalo Bills), Kyle Murray ( Arizona Cardinals), Matthew Stafford (Los Angeles Rams), Jalen Hurts (Philadelphia Eagles), Ryan Tannehill (Tennessee Titans), Jimmy Garoppolo (San Francisco 49ers), Mac Jones (New England Patriots), Derek Carr (Las Vegas Raiders), and Ben Roethlisberger(Pittsburgh Steelers).

Poise. Energy. Strength. Vision. Yes, these are the traits these fourteen playoff quarterbacks excelled at this season, but they’re traits within us all. “Preparing For Life Like A Football Quarterback” is a great read that breaks it down.

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