Angela Lansbury Remembered

When I was growing up, my grandmother ( I called her mom) had one show that she could not miss, Murder She Wrote. Mom would tell me how smart Jessica Fletcher was in solving all those crimes. I had never given it a second thought growing up, but Angela Lansbury’s passing has opened a flood of memories of Mom. Usually nostalgia brings a smile to our faces, but in this case, it also brings a bit of sadness, knowing that I can’t make any more memories with ones that we have lost.

Jake’s Mom

However, on the bright side, this reminds us to treasure the time we have, and make those memories with those around us, so we can create our own nostalgia. Just imagine, our kids remembering all those times we watched Hell’s Kitchen, or Breaking Bad growing up 🙂

The photo at the top of this post is one of the coasters that we made this past year. It was filed away in our Hollywood box that we stopped bringing to markets since very few of them sold. Maybe I’ll bring that box to the market next weekend. Besides it’s only an additional 10 pounds, and our excuse not to go to the gym.

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